Jenna Bee's Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of relaxation and beauty this holiday season! Stop by our favorite brick and mortar store, Len Collective, to stuff your Jenna Bee bag with goodies. Here are Jenna Bee’s top 5 gift picks that your loved ones will adore.


1. Vana Tisane Tea

“Vana Tisane Teas are blended in the small coastal town of Cambria. All of the ingredients are certified organic and packaged in 100% recycled material. The Sleep blend allows one to relax by quieting the mind and body, especially after a long day of stimulation and energetic activity”

2. Among the Flowers Mood Mist

“Lull away the afterthoughts of the day with the calming, relieving floral waters and essential oils combined in this mist for their soothing attributes. This mist pays special attention to the delicate nature and benefits of each ingredient”

3. Urb Apothecary Lavender Matcha Mask

“Ground lavender and matcha green tea powder soothe and brighten skin with their antioxidant properties and French green and kaolin clays gently detox skin by pulling impurities from pores. Spinach and cucumber powders deliver skin nourishing vitamins, minerals, and toning/astringent properties”

4. Gem and Honey Infused Bath Salts

“This small batch botanical studio has mastered soaking salts with only pure ingredients. These bath soaks are an aromatic, skin loving escape for your mind, body and soul. A blend of solar evaporated pristine (quartz charged) sea salt, epsom salt, organic/bio-dynamic golden honey and essential oils, resins and absolutes”

5. Urb Apothecary Slumber Serum

“Slumber Serum is full of herbs and essential oils that help calm racing minds, soothe anxiety, and ease one into a deep and peaceful slumber.This serum is also contains an herbal infusion of calendula, chamomile, lavender, and hops further aiding in skin and mental health that is perfect to use at any time of the day”


Jenna Bee