Summer Road Trip: 5 Secret Spots You Have to Visit Along the California Coast

Be it grabbing a jacket to go watch the sunset or packing a tote bag for the beach, Jenna Bee’s design is inspired by life on the California coast. We’ve traveled with Jenna Bee through the whole state, from start to finish, and found 5 hidden gems along the California coastline that are perfect stops on your next summer road trip.


1. Meditation Gardens - Encinitas, CA

Start your trip off in a golden state of mind. The Meditation Gardens in Encinitas, CA are the perfect place to develop a positive mindset for your journey. Surrounded by vibrant plants on top of a bluff overlooking Swami’s beach below, the gardens provide a unique inspirational setting to appreciate the beauty of the coast.


2. 1,000 Steps Beach - Laguna Beach, CA

Ditch the tourists and hide away in your own little beach cove. The gorgeous cliffs surrounding “1,000 Steps” in Laguna Beach provide a unique coastal haven. Explore the tide pools and sea caves or go for a swim in the notoriously crystal clear water. A favorite local secret at this spot, is a set of man-made pools that are filled with water from the ocean tides. You’ll feel like a mermaid after taking a dip.


3. Montaña de Oro - San Luis Obispo, CA

With secluded rocky coves, wide bluff trails over the ocean, groves of eucalyptus forests, and sand dunes – Montaña de Oro state park is one of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in the golden state. Be it hiking through the forest, basking in the sun in one of the many coves, or watching the sunset atop a sand dune, M.D.O. is easily our favorite hidden gem along the California Coast to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.


4. Sand Dollar Cove - Big Sur, CA

While tourists might rush past Sand Dollar beach on their road trip up Highway 1 to get to more famous landmarks like McWay Falls further north, we think Sand Dollar is one of the most understated natural beauties in southern Big Sur. We at Jenna Bee, have spent many weekends practicing yoga surrounded by wildflowers on Sand Dollar’s bluffs, collecting jade stones along the beach in Sand Dollar’s coves, or watching the sunset from our campfire. Whether it’s a pit stop on your road trip or a weekend camp trip, Sand Dollar beach captures the epitome of Big Sur.


5. Land's End - San Francisco, CA

As your journey ends in Northern California, make it symbolic with a trip to “Land’s End” in San Francisco. Land’s End lookout offers a unique view of the Golden Gate bridge and boasts gorgeous windswept cliffs; but, most visitors don’t even know it’s there. Start your hike to Land’s End at the Sutro Bath ruins – another one of our favorite SF staples. After hiking through cypress forests, you’ll arrive at a stone labyrinth. Once you’ve wandered your way through the rocky maze, take in the breathtaking view of the Golden Gate as you finish your road trip through the Golden State.

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