Our New Favorite Tunes

From passion-filled lyrics acted out by silky vocals, to mellow electronic currents that’ll ease your mind, our new music picks are all over the spectrum - but certain to provide a soundtrack for whatever mood you might be in.

Butterfly- UMI

This soulful soundcloud artist, who just recently can be found on Spotify, is making waves for herself. Her newest single, “Butterfly”, showcases her soft-spoken vocals. Their placement over a consistently smooth RnB track creates a simple, but mesmerizing final product.

Bad Bad News - Leon Bridges

It’s been awhile since we last heard from Mr. Bridges. Arguably, his most famous track “River”, threw him right under the spotlight in 2016. Nearly two years later, he released two singles, which definitely contain similar musical elements consistent with his earlier pieces, but with a new edge. “Bad Bad News” has an old-time jazzy feel, but also possesses a refreshing dose of retro-soul, with his uptempo verses and high energy.


FKJ’s most recent single, “TUI” creates an instant sense of escapism. Described as a “pioneer” of the New French House genre, FKJ’s intricate productions are what daydreams are made of.

There You Go - Dana Williams

In the past year, Dana Williams’ vocals provided the perfect contrast to the voices RnB and hip-hop artists, such as Rejjie Snow and Boogie. She first caught our attention in her feature on Rejjie Snow and Amine’s track, “Egyptian Luvr”. In listening to her own tracks, her fluid music talent became increasingly evident - the tracks in which she makes guest appearances on are widely different than the music she creates on her own. In “There You Go”, Williams’ enchanting vocals and whimsical guitar skills are put on display.

Eden- NoMBe

Pharrell Williams once noted that NoMBe, “makes music for the subconscious with colorful layers and unexpected water slides- writing and producing dream sequences”. This German-based artist, just released his first album in 2018, which contains brand new tracks, along with several of his past, most memorable singles. “Eden” stuck out to our ears with its honest accounts of romance, which are backed-up by his subtly-psychedelic production

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