New Month, New Music

Missing – Drama Duo

The words “moody” and “passionate” will never fail to describe the sound of Drama Duo. Although the lyrics and underlying beats suggest times of heartache, they also possess an undeniable therapeutic effect. Perhaps it’s the singer’s raspy, but sweet vocals that add softness to their hard-hitting words. All we know is that we simply can’t get enough of their sound. This recent release is more airy than their previous tracks, but nevertheless passion-filled.


Wait By The River – Lord Huron

You can’t not smile while listening to this freshly cut tune. The slow beat in this indie-folk gem was made for gentle head-bobbing. Although this track is new, like the rest of Lord Huron’s songs, it carries a timeless feel. We can already see it serving as the perfect soundtrack for many adventures to come, be it hillside picnics with friends or long drives down Highway 1.


Little Lies – ODIE

Right as the song kicks off, you can tell it’s working up to something great. The pacing of this track makes it seem as though it truly is creating movement. Throughout the song, new production elements are brought in, adding to its fluidity. Midway through this song, you’re greeted with a sudden change in pace, but it’s oddly satisfying. Simply put, this track is full of surprises. Listen to it once, and you’ll know exactly what we mean.  


Honey Dew – LION BABE

The singer-producer pair behind LION BABE met through a mutual friend a few years back, and they’ve been creating together ever since. The production in this track features a plethora of different instruments, but the softness of the singer’s vocals adds the perfect layer to the quirky beats. “Honey Dew” is refreshing and unique; a memorable combination.



It Runs Through Me – Tom Misch, De La Soul

Tom Misch is often recognized for his pairing of gentle hip-hop beats and jazz instrumentation. This new track features 90’s Hip-Hop trio, De La Soul. Although this initially seemed like an interesting collaboration, we have to admit, it really works. De La Soul’s clever, light-hearted verses make an appearance in the latter part of the song, but maintain Misch’s upbeat tone. Check it out!

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