I have spent the past year living and working in Spain to gain inspiration and collect fabrics to expand Jenna Bee. While here, I have made a dear friend who is from Caracas, Venezuela and has opened my eyes to the terrible crisis currently taking place in her home country.

She was fortunate enough to move to Madrid and escape the corruption and instability of Venezuela. She is a full-time student and works at night to provide for herself. Unfortunately, her family and loved ones are still in Venezuela dealing with horrendous hardships on a day to day basis. Many are left without food and basic necessities due to the extreme inflation, corruption, and country-wide power outages.

My Venezuelan friend has become part of my family here in Spain and I feel committed to help make sure her family, and many other families in the same situation, are safe and get through this devastating time.

Jenna Bee wants to help the cause. From March 15- March 22, 100% of the profits from all Jenna Bee purchases will be used to buy medicine and basic necessities that are currently inaccessible for most Venezuelans. We are teaming up with a company in Madrid that is collecting goods and personally delivering them to Venezuela to ensure they will be received by those in need.

Although it won’t resolve all the problems Venezuelans are facing or make up for the loss and heartache so many families have experienced, I feel pulled to help even in a small way and hope you all will too.